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Welcome to the Gliwice City Hall website!

Welcome to Gliwice!

For the last years Gliwice has become one of the most modern cities of Upper Silesia. Its strengths are its favourable location, advanced economy, comprehensive development of science and education, as well as rich cultural, sports and recreation life. Gliwice is located in the south-western part of Poland, within the territory of the Province of Silesia. It occupies the surface area of 134,2 km2 and has the population of over 170 thousand. This gives in the 17th and 18th position, respectively, on the list of the largest Polish cities. Simultaneously, it constitutes a part of Silesia Metropolis (14 cities) - the largest urban organism of this part of Europe, inhabited by ca. 2 milion people.


Związek Subregionu Centralnego

Śląski Związek Gmin i Powiatów

Metropolia Silesia

Śląska Organizacja Turystyczna Sekap

Municipal Website Gliwice ISSN 1734-5480
Edited by: Municipal Office in Gliwice, 44-100 Gliwice, Ul. Zwycięstwa 21, telephone exchange 32-231-30-41, fax: 32-231-27-25, www.um.gliwice.pl

Editorial office: Nina Drzewiecka – editor-in-chief, tel.: 32-239-11-38, e-mail: drzewiecka_n@um.gliwice.pl; Anna Zygmanowska- editor of the section Tenders, Real Estates, tel.: 32-231-30-44, e-mail: ogloszenia@um.gliwice.pl; Anna Proksa – website administrator ,tel.: 32-239-12-60, e-mail: proksa_a@um.gliwice.pl

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